Factory For All

Bringing the world's largest manufacturing center to you

Around the world people are innovating through open source technologies and hacker spaces. It has never been easier to make your ideas real. Factory for all is an attempt to bridge this new wave of innovation with the manufacturing muscle of China. 

Higgs Hub

pwn = "purchased when needed"

Working environment set up

Office furniture 
( off-site Internet and printer person, office assistant)
            paper towels
        printer wifi hub
    information technology (IT) consultant
    Possible Areas
        Café Area
        Lounging and Napping Area
        Business Meeting Area
        Green Screen Video Area
        Product Photo Area
        Quiet Podcast Area
        Video Editing Area 

Makers laboratory 
( maybe me )
    electronics bench
        soldering iron
            tip cleaner
        hot air rework station ( with temperature control )
        benchtop power supply
        oscilloscope "pwn"
        stereo microscope "pwn"
    laser cutter
        old laptop computer ( for controlling the laser cutter )
        big garbage can ( for the left material )
        rack shelves for materials
        assorted plastics and would for cutting
    3-D printer
        sorted handtools ( dedicated for 3-D printer )
        several types of filament
        table, for the printer and tools and materials
        WebCam for monitoring the three printer "optional"
        Note: we may want to have two different types of three printers SLA and FDM
    project storage area
        handcarts or trolleys, for moving projects

    office printer
    office supplies
    machining ( use the local machine shop )

    Get Cell phone SIM Card
    Basic Chinese words ( hello, thank you, sorry )
    How to buy things with a calculator
    get a bank account
    How to use Uber
    How to use the subway
    How to use the bus system and Baidu Maps buss trip planner
    How to get food

    Working with Chinese manufacturers
        Purchased Materials
        Purchase Services
        Meet with Factories

Selling Points
    manufacturing capital of the world
        wide variety of technologies and processes at your service
    most things are cheaper in China
        your daily expenses will be cheaper in China
            living expenses
            materials and resources
    If your product is successful sooner or later you'll need to learn about manufacturing in China
    Work in a large network of engineers and like-minded people
    separate yourself from your daily life and focus on your startup
    access to mentors





Shenzhen China

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