Factory For All

Bringing the world's largest manufacturing center to you

Around the world people are innovating through open source technologies and hacker spaces. It has never been easier to make your ideas real. Factory for all is an attempt to bridge this new wave of innovation with the manufacturing muscle of China. 

Start With A Concept

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I did all of my design in Solid Works for more than a decade. Recently I switched to "Alibre Design" it's now called "Geomagic Design". It seems to have basically all the features of solid works for a much better price. I recommend it if you are shopping around for a 3-D modeling software system

Hard Tooling

Isn't it beautiful!


Final Product


This is a system I developed with Benny of Cool Neon and Funhouse Productions. It's a highly versatile all weather LED illuminated video display. This mechanical design allows the user to assemble their LED display on a series of bars or ropes. They can adjust the density of pixels by how close they put them together.



Shenzhen China

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