Factory For All

Bringing the world's largest manufacturing center to you

Around the world people are innovating through open source technologies and hacker spaces. It has never been easier to make your ideas real. Factory for all is an attempt to bridge this new wave of innovation with the manufacturing muscle of China. 

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We have our own 60 Watt laser system. However my neighbors complained from the smell of burning plastic. So now we only cut wood. So for now if you want us to make your sample, it needs to be out of wood.


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If you're ready to order a large quantity of something laser cut like 50 and up to hundreds. We can totally hook you up. We have a buddy near us with a very kick butt laser system. There is also a laser cutting factory in town that will silkscreen your parts as they're waiting for the next parts to be laser cut. How crazy is that?

I should warn you that designs involving large numbers of plastic sheets being stacked on top of each other like an acrylic sandwich are typically going to be on the expensive side. Most of these designs were made with plastics made in the West. These Western made plastics are far more accurate in thickness than the local Chinese plastics. So if you want to save some money design your parts in a way where small deviations in thickness will not affect your design.


We can also supply additional services such as bagging all of your laser cut parts along with additional hardware. This is a Raspberry Pi box that we designed and bagged.




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