Factory For All

Bringing the world's largest manufacturing center to you

Around the world people are innovating through open source technologies and hacker spaces. It has never been easier to make your ideas real. Factory for all is an attempt to bridge this new wave of innovation with the manufacturing muscle of China. 

What can Factory For All do for you?

In short:

We can help you make your stuff.
Our biggest advantage is we know how to make stuff in China.

Say you want to make a kit?

We Can Help!

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First develop something cool. Some parts of the prototype process we can help you with. We offer a very competitive printed circuit board prototyping service. This way you can affordably make many revisions. 

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There is approximately a 40% tariff on imports to China so many of your favorite microcontrollers may be a little bit expensive. If it is a well-known microcontroller we can typically offset it by working through suppliers who purchase in large quantities and get a bulk discount offset the expense of the tariff.

When it comes to mechanical components China has an amazing selection of home grown switches, buttons, terminal blocks, connectors and cables. These are the kinds of things where China is able to compete on a massive scale. This is the part that justifies manufacturing in China.




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